How to Mow a Lawn Professionally? 13 Tips to Mow like a Pro

Is it even possible with a man like me because I’ve never mowed a lawn before? Not only is it possible, but also easy, unless, of course, all of the steps are followed in a sequential manner to avoid accidental damage to the mower or person using the mower.

How to mow a lawn professionally?

You’ve to take every require aspect into account in order to mow your beautiful lawn like a pro, in spite of being the first experience. Why pay some fee to lawn professionals when you can easily mow your yard professionally (whether small or big one) without having to hire anyone? Yes. It is as easy as it sounds, however, you have to follow the subsequent step-by-step line of attack so that you don’t ever get into any problem while mowing your yard.

how to mow a lawn professionally

Let’s be familiar with the ins and outs of mowing your lawn professionally or How to Mow a Lawn Professionally without having to leave any damage to your machine or grass:

1. Time

Can you mow your lawn any time you want? This is where most of the people get confused because they start mowing their lawn any time they wish. The rule of thumb is that you should get your mowing done before it gets too hot outside, however, this doesn’t mean that you should begin the mowing session when there is still dew on the grass. If you mow in hottest times, it could lead to heat exhaustion which could be a dangerous thing. Check Best Honda HRR216K9VKA Lawn Mowers Reviews

2. Pattern

If you keep on mowing your lawn in the same direction every time do so, it is highly likely to develop unsightly stripes that will grow erratically. Therefore, if you have cut down the grass of your yard horizontally last time, this time should go with the vertical pattern.

3. Mower Height

While you begin mowing your yard, it is always recommended that you check the height of your mower because depending on the type of grass, you should be using different heights. This will help you avoid the second cut.

4. Power/Fuel

Before you start your mower, keep track of how much fuel is left inside the tank. It is a battery-powered mower, make sure that the battery is properly charged because you don’t want to stop it in the middle of your lawn. In the case of gas-powered mowers, make certain that there is enough gasoline in the mower to run it as smoothly as possible.

5. Don’t Speed Up

Some people make this mistake – they go faster than the required speed. Don’t think that you will be able to cut more grass than possible by going at a higher speed so must know how to mow lawns professionally. Always use the user manual to see at what speed you should be driving your drive-on or walk-behind mower. If you try to go at a higher speed, your mower will get stuck in the middle of the process. The speed also depends on how powerful the engine of your mower is.

6. Don’t Bag Everything

Although bagging is a good option if you don’t use mulching, letting all grass store in the bad is not a recommended – let some grass clippings stay on the lawn because it will work as the fertilizer and will be useful in revitalizing the soil. Also, don’t mow the grass when it is wet as it will cause the fungus to develop on it and the yard will start to look uneven which will take all of the beauty of your lawn away.

7. How Much to Mow

While mowing, should you cut everything that is there? Of course, NOT! Don’t think that cutting your grass really short means that you will not have to cut it again and again. If you have a lush lawn, we recommend that you never cut the grass below three inches. Put differently, don’t ever cut your grass more than one-third at a time. If you cut more than that, it is going to destroy the root system of the grass and also increase the chances of invading the weeds.

8. Keep Blades Sharp

Are the blades of your mower as sharp as they get? If it is a new mower, they must be sharp, but if you have been mowing for a long time and thinking about the best way to cut grass, there is a possibility that the blades might require replacement. Remember, you will only get a manicured (professional) cut if the blades are sharp. Furthermore, it will promote better grass health. Sometimes, old blades cause accidents. You can either buy a new blade or sharpen the blades yourself – but that will require professional tools or you will hurt yourself.

9. Watering

Watering your grass is also important if you want to have a blissful smell. To make it more blissfully-scented, you can also use fragrant flowers at the edges of your lawn. As far as watering your lawn is considered, you can water your grass about an inch every week during the growing session.

10. Don’t Turn At Once

Turning around at once will tear the grass up from the ground which will not only look messy but also the grass will be gone from there for a couple of days (if not for good). So, make sure that you don’t turn around immediately while mowing the mow unless you have a zero-turn mower that rotates at its own axis.

11. Hilly Terrains

Make sure if your mower has been designed to smoothly run on the hilly terrain because not every mower is capable of doing that. Also, be mindful that there is no debris lying on the ground because it will crash the blades if it gets into it while mowing. Therefore, always run a check that there is no nothing on the ground before you start mowing.

12. Keep your Mower in Great Condition

Just like your car or bike needs to be in great condition before you use it, it is also important to make sure that all parts of your mower are fine before you use it. It doesn’t matter how many times you use your mower throughout the year but always keep it well-maintained. See that the blades sharp enough to cut the grass, giving you a professionally manicured cut (since you want to mow like a pro). Furthermore, if the blades are not sharp, it will damage your lawn so you must have Complete Knowledge About How to Mow a Lawn Professionally.

13. Get an Edger

Mowing is not everything if you want a professional cut – you will also need to do some edging to get rid of the grass that grows around the concrete on both sides of the driveways and walkways. Also, you should NOT cut the grass to the ground as it will cause damage to the trees that are standing tall around the grass that you’re edging.

How to mow a lawn like a pro?

There you have it – the ins and outs of ‘How to Mow a Lawn Professionally’ to make your lawn look as beautiful as it deserves. What’s more, don’t use the mower before reading the important instructions given in the user manual. It will give you the proper knowledge of how your mower works and how you can get to handle easily.

Make use of proper clothing that came with the mower (or buy). While you mow your lawn professionally (like a pro), always make sure that there is no pets or kids around it. Before you fuel your mower, you should let the engine cool for about 10 minutes. If you are not using the mower, don’t leave it running – turn it off when not using it.

Be careful on the sloppy areas because you don’t want your mower to flip, do you? Don’t bag everything you cut. Why? Well, we’ve described it above how to mow a lawn – go above and read why it is important for the true beauty of your lawn. You also need to keep yourself hydrated because the mower leaves the extreme heat which may cause dehydration.

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