Honda Hrx217k5vka Reviews – Lawn Mowers Price, Pros & Cons

Do you need a lawn mower that can meet all of your expectations for features, performance, speed, and build quality? Why waste time in reviewing other lawn mowers when you can buy the “Honda Hrx217k5vka” at the lowest budget possible? Yes, you heard it right – it is Honda Hrx217k5vka that is as reasonably priced as possible – couldn’t be any cheaper than it already is. To get a thorough ins and outs of it, read out my own experience via the “Honda Hrx217k5vka Reviews” I’ve shared with you in this review guide.

Honda Hrx217k5vka Reviews

Considering the price, Honda Hrx217k5vka is one of the best lawn mowers that will give you a next-level lawn mowing experience. Mowing your lawn has been made easy, courtesy of Honda. There are no more crappy mowers when there are excellent ones in the market for you to consider. This lawn mower runs on gas and delivers more flexibility resulting in more time-saving.

Honda Hrx217k5vka Reviews

The Honda Hrx217k5vka comes with a clip director and micro-cut blades that will deliver a next-level experience while you mow your lawn or trim it. What surprises us, even more, is that it doesn’t make any unnecessary voice as most of the gas-powered mower do that. The engine power is also ultimate for it comes with a 187cc engine which is as powerful as you could’ve imagined.

Now, there is no more struggling with the long slopes or steep hills as with this lawn mower, you won’t be facing any hindrance whatsoever while mowing the steep area. Another amazing thing is that the cut quality is so great is that you don’t have to mow your lawn twice since it comes with micro-cut twin blades.

Honda Hrx217k5vka Features

Before you make up your mind towards buying this out-of-this-world, its features are something you should be looking at first. You’re going to be amazed at the features and we are going to go over exactly the same in the subsequent section of this page:


(4.5 Out of 5)

You will get a mower with the cutting-edge design that will rock your garden or lawn. This Honda lawn mower weighs 108 pound which is the perfect size for this type of lawn mower. It comes in grey and red color which is a picture-perfect match. You will also see the NeXite deck that is specially featured in the Honda models and was developed to fight back dents, corrosion, and dust. Whenever it has been tested, it has come out in flying colors in terms of its performance and durability. In Honda Hrx217k5vka, you will experience the precision between the deck and the blades which improve the circulation.

Honda Hrx217k5vka Features


(4.7 Out of 5)

Though the design of Honda Hrx217k5vka is far better than you’d expect in any lawn mower, but is it everything that you should look for when buying the best lawn mower?

That’s not true.

Therefore, you’d also need to analyze if it is providing you with peace of mind. What I meant to say is that you must make sure if it is user-friendly because you don’t want to get into any type of trouble when you mow your lawn.

It delivers easy-starting to the mower, mowing the lawn and it is extremely powerful and fuel-efficient so that you will easily be able to cut most space of lawn in a short span of time.


(4.6 Out of 5)

Irrespective of the machine being large, maneuvering even uneven terrain won’t be much of a problem for you. Since it is a self-propelled lawn mower, you don’t need to put strain to your muscles or body – you just have to guide it through the right path.

The Honda Hrx217k5vka delivers perfect steering because it has got large 9-inch ball bearing wheels that will make it easier to move in the same way you would want it to. The same goes with the 3-position adjustable handle which gives you a next-level experience while maneuvering it. You can even fold the handle right into the mower deck for it to become compact while being stored in your garage.

Value for money (Price):

(4.8 Out of 5)

Is Honda Hrx217k5vka value for money? How on earth can it not be when you can get it under $600, without any shipping charge? I don’t think that you will get a cheaper lawn mower than this.

In my own verdict, I believe that this Hrx217k5vka from Honda is worth your shot and you should delay thinking about whether it is a good deal or not. It’s not only a good deal, but it is also a steal which is very hard to find these days.

It is going to have upper hands over other predecessors and is one of the best Honda lawn mowers that are used today by the professional lawn mowers.

Honda Hrx217k5vka Reviews (Customer Reviews)

Every customer who bought it seems very content like their dream has come true. A customer even posted a video on Amazon that shows how easy it is to mow your lawn with this Hrx217k5vka lawnmower. But don’t just take my word for it – see what customers are saying about it:

“Mulching is excellent and you can effortlessly jog with it while you mow your lawn. You will find yourself super comfortable while using the throttle and the handlebar. When it comes to keeping it, the handles can easily be folded. Moreover, you don’t have to struggle starting it for it starts on the first pull.

So, I’d say:

It’s a beast.”

– Luke (Most Helpful)

“It is a great mower as compared with all those that I’ve used. Very well packed and I’m able to control the speed like a charm. I’ve used it more than 10 times and there has not been any difficulty using it ever. It’d have been even better if it had offered more than just a 21-cut mower. But, I’d still recommend it to anyone who is looking forward to buying it since at this price, you won’t get a better lawnmower than this, not especially from Honda.”

– Robert

Honda Hrx217k5vka Rating, Pros & Cons

The ASIN of this Honda lawn mower is B00S6Z2GWQ and it gets 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 111 customer reviews left by the verified customers. Everyone who bought it seems very satisfied with the performance and the durability of this mower because, considering the price, I don’t think you will get a better steal.

Controlling speed has never been easier. You can use the dial to let it save the speed you want to go at. You no longer to get stuck in pulling again and again because Honda Hrx217k5vka starts on the very first pull, saving your highly valuable time and efforts.

Honda Model Hrx217k5vka Reviews

Having reviewed Honda Hrx217k5vka thoroughly, in my personal opinion, it is the best lawn mower you will ever get to buy because not only does it have to offer out-of-this-world features, but it also makes sure that you get the best lawn-mowing experience like never before. Plus, it is so reasonably priced that anyone can easily afford to buy it. If you have any question in your mind about this Honda Hrx217k5vka Reviews, feel free to ask me right through the comment box. I’d like to keep you informed about anything about this mower.

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