Best Mulching Blades Review – 5 Top-Rated Mulching Blades for 2023

When thousands of people have been assisted with our easy-to-understand guides, why did you think that we would not help you find out the Best Mulching Blades for your lawn mower? If you didn’t, we are happy, but even if you did, after reading this wide-ranging article on ‘Mulching Blades Reviews’, you won’t imagine like that. The mulching blades will only work with the mower that supports mulching. So, there is no use of buying mulching blades if your mower doesn’t support mulching.

Best Mulching Blades

We’ve helped people find the best lawn mowers for the reshaping of their lawns and now is the time to keep feed them with the knowledge of mulching blades because, with time, the original blades get old and stop working as they should. The blades that we will refer to in this article are all top-rated and highly appreciated by the verified customers which will get more of your attention.

Best Mulching Blades

You can purchase mulching blades for John Deere, Cub Cadet, Scag, Exmark, Ferris, Husqvarna and many other top companies that produce lawn mowers. It is you who have to find which company mower you own. Before we begin telling you these are the best mulching blades that you should buy, let’s start with the basics of best mulching riding mower. Please Check How To Mow a Lawn Professionally

What is a Mulching Blade?

A mulching blade is a blade that handles the work smartly and effectively for you. It is also known as a ‘3-in-1 blade’ because with a mulching blade, you can bad, discharge or use it for the mulching the grass cuttings. The reason mulching blades are preferred to standard blades is that they are having a cutting-edge design and with an increased cutting edge. You will see more curves in a mulching blade. These blades also give the homeowner a manicured cut for the lawn to shine like a diamond.

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What is a Mulching Mower?

So far you’ve understood what a mulching blade is, let’s figure out what exactly the Best mulching mower is.

We’ve reviewed many mowers before this article and we don’t think that we have to tell you what a mower is. So, the Best mulching mower is a mower that cuts the grass in a way that gives the person a manicured cut (a precise cut) and when it mows the grass, the grass is cut into tiny pieces for the recycling. And, recycling is a good thing for the reshaping of your lawn. Since the grass is chopped in very small clippings, it goes down to the bottom of the soil to be decomposed by microorganisms that live on the ground. Those decayed clippings then return the nutrients back into the environment so that other plans can use them for better growth.

This is how mulching works.

Standard Blades vs. Mulching Blades

What do think is the difference between a standard blade and a mulching blade?

Let’s see.

There are basically two types of blades used in lawn mowers: standard blades and mulching blades. A standard blade is also referred to as a ‘2-in-one’ blade, whereas, a mulching blade is known as a ‘3-in-one’ blade.

A standard blade can only be used for two purposes: bagging and discharging the clippings. On the other hand, a mulching blade is used for three reasons: you can do bagging, discharging, and most importantly, the mulching. We’ve already told you what mulching is.

Standard Blades vs. Mulching Blades

As you could see that it is clear that mulching blades are better than standard blades. The mulching blades are curved and therefore provide a manicured, perfect cut to the grass. With the help of the curved surface and cutting edge, the mulching blades cut the grass precisely. After that, the clippings are brought into the deck where they are again cut several times before going in the soil for good.

Even if you don’t wish to buy the mulching blades, standards blades are still considered to be great and satisfactory for people using the compatible mowers.

Are mulching Gator blades better than standard blades? Let’s see the pros and cons of them to be sure of it.


  • It cuts the grass into tiny clippings which skips the clumping to happen in your lawn
  • It can be utilized for all 3 types of grass disposal
  • Gives you a manicured cut and discharged clippings are brought into the soil to return the nutrients back into the environment for other plants to use.

Best Mulching Blades Review

Before getting to ‘Best Mulching Blades Review’, it was important to let you know about the basics and we hope that you are now familiar with the nitty-gritties of the mulching and standard blades, aren’t you?

Let’s now see check out the best mulching blades that will fit your mulching mower universally. While picking up a mulching blade, it is important to read the reviews and the specification of the blade.

Let’s begin with the first mulching blade:

1. MTD 942-0741A, 21-Inch Mulching Blade

(9.8 ratings out of 10 stars)

MTD 942-0741A, 21-Inch Mulching Blade

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This mulching blade is manufactured by MTD, a renowned company. The length of this mulching blade (MB) is 21 inches and it is an original part from MTD. Suitable for the walk-behind (self-propelled) mowers except for the mowers with cast aluminum deck.

It can be used for Troy-Built TB360 and other similar products. However, we strongly suggest that you read the specifications to know that the blade will fit your mower perfectly. We use ‘Amazon’ for the recommendation because there provide a return policy on most of the blades.

2. MaxPower 331749X, 22-inch Mulching Blade (Commercial)

(9.6 ratings out of 10 stars)

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This mulching blade is one of the best mulching blades that can be used for a Husqvarna mower or other mower that this blade is compatible with. This blade comes in two variants: limited edition and full edition. The limited-edition is going to be a little less expensive. If you want to see the current price of this blade, please click the link given above. It fits 22″ cut Husqvarna models (see the model numbers of the model of mowers wherein it will fit perfectly via the link above). The blade is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Reading the reviews left by the verified customers, we got to know that the installation of this blade is not an easy task, and some even say that you don’t even need an adaptor to install the blade on your mower. We highly put it to you that you read all of the important instructions before doing anything and go in accordance with the same to avoid any accident.

3. MaxPower 331376X, 22-inch Mulching Blade

(9.7 ratings out of 10 stars)

Check Price | Read reviews

Again, this mulching blade has been manufactured by MaxPower. You can easily save up to 10% or even more if you allow you to do to that. This blade features tri-cut tips for giving you increased mulching. It fits perfectly in the 22-inch Toro recycler lawn mower, among other lawn mowers (see the complete list of the mulching lawn mowers that this mulching blade is well-matched with).

With the high-tech manufacturing facility, the blades are designed in the USA. The overall weight of the blade is 1.94 pounds. The dimensions of the blade are 22×2.2×0.2 inches. People have reviewed it as an ‘Excellent performer’ on sites like Amazon after using it for a couple of times. If you have any question or queries regarding this blade, you can read the reviews about it on Amazon above.

4. MaxPower 331528S, 21-inch Mulching Blade

(9.8 ratings out of 10 stars)

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Weighing 1.55 pounds, this MaxPower mulching blade is a perfect choice if you are looking for the best mulching blades are the affordable price. What you get out of the box is 1 mulching blade that is easily matched with a 21-inch cut Cub Cadet or other mowers like Troy-Bilt and MTD mowers. It is time to see if this blade will universally fit the lawn mower you own for your lawn.

The size of this mulching blade is 21 inch. If you are willing to buy it for Troy’s 21-inch push mower, it will perfectly fit that lawn mower. On Amazon, this blade gets a 4.6 rating out of 5 which does a pretty cool job. More than 80% of people who bought the product have given 5 ratings out 5 – the perfect rating. That’s why we believe that it is a good deal for your lawn mower. This blade is properly balanced and doesn’t need any kind of sharpening. However, some people are complaining about the stickers on it.

5. MaxPower 331737S, 21-inch Mulching Blade

(9.7 ratings out of 10 stars)

MaxPower 331737S, 21-inch Mulching Blade

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The 331737S mulching blade is will be the picture-perfect blade for Husqvarna, Craftsman, Poulan, and other mowers. Use the price link above to check out the model number of the mowers it is like-minded with. Like other blades reviewed above, it is also made proudly in the United States of America. Also, make sure that this product is shippable to the place where you are currently living.

It is super easy to install it on your mower and it cuts the grass like a pro. You will have a next-level mowing experience while trimming the grass of your lawn with your push mower. Be it ‘suction power’, ‘value for money’, or ‘installation’, you will get everything with this blade. There are two ways to install the blade: the right way and wrong one. Read the reviews and know how it can be installed in the proper manner.

Best Mulcher Blades 2019

These are the top-rated 5 best mulching blades that will fit universally your mower, depending on the size of the blade. Each blade clearly says about the lawn mower it is compatible with. So, always be mindful of the mower it is well-matched with because you cannot fit a 21-inch blade into a mower whose cutting width is 23 inches.

The best advice we can give you is that you should always read the specifications and features of the product you are going to buy, no matter the website. So, in this case, when you make up your mind to buy a specific mulching blade, be familiar with the fact whether it will perfectly fit your mower and what features it has to offer you. That’s how you can make the best decision.

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