Best Lawn Mower Brands 2023 – Top 5 Mower Companies

Have you just bought a brand-new home? Does it also have a lawn? If affirmative, you will need to take proper care of it by cutting it on a regular basis because if you don’t do it, the grass will grow too big and your beautiful yard will turn into a messy lawn which is not a good thing for you. With huge grass growing in your yard, no one, in point of fact, would like to come to your house. The best lawn mower brands are what this page is all about so that you can pick up for the best landscaping.

Best Lawn Mower Brands

So, how do you get the best reshaping of your lawn done like a professional, without even hiring one? That’s where a lawn mower comes in – giving you an advantage over taking care of your beautiful lawn and making it look as lovely as it is today. Due to stiff competition, there are several companies that are selling top-notch lawn mowers to their customers.

Now, the problem is to find the best companies or at least top 5 so that you can get the best of your lawn mowing like a pro. We’re going to list the top 5 companies that will represent the ‘best lawn mower brands’ that will help you decide which brand you should buy your first lawn mower from. We will not include any low-rated company on this list – it will only the top-rated companies for your convenience.

Best Lawn Mower Brands List 2023

All of the brands that you will see on the list have been tested by our experts in order to give you the unbiased reviews on the best lawn mower brands and you can buy one for your lawn because choosing a lawn means you have to do it once – not every day or month.

1. Husqvarna

(Our Rating: 5 Out of 5 Ratings)

The Husqvarna comes on the top of the list because not only the mowers manufactured by Husqvarna are durable but also they are cheaper as compared to other brands. The lawn mowers made by this brand are easy-to-start and not to mention the cutting height adjustment. Yes, you can adjust the height to any level you want.

mowers manufactured by Husqvarna

The design of the lawn mowers made by Husqvarna is robust and reliable and their mowers will give you an efficient cutting because in most of the mowers, you will get a twin blade system gives you more cutting. The mowers are equipped with the most powerful Briggs & Stratton DOV engine. You can purchase all types of mowers, be it reel mower, zero-turn mower, or push mowers –

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2. Ariens

(Our Rating: 5 Out of 5 Ratings)

The Ariens was founded in 1933 and it is headquartered in Wisconsin, US. It is also stylized as AriensCo. The company is renowned for manufacturing the commercial and residential lawn credit products and its snow removers also famous among those who like to take care of their houses and its surroundings. Ariens’ lawn mowers will have your back when it comes to superior maneuverability and performance.

zero-turn mowers by Ariens

The AriensCo owns several brands like Gravely, Westwood, Parker, Countax, Snow Tek, etc. The company is well-known for the lawn mowers and snow blowers. Apart from that, it is also involved in direct marketing. Ariens has got what you need – zero-turn mowers, walk-behind (self-propelled) mowers, push mower (propelled) mowers, reel mowers, robotic mowers, and other finishing tools.

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3. John Deere

(Our Rating: 5 Out of 5 Ratings)

Coming at 3rd position, the John Deere is an American manufacturer that came into existence in 1837. The company is having its headquarters situated in Illinois, U.S, and it serves people worldwide. According to a report published in 2018, there were more than 60,467 employees working in the company. John Deere has been with us since the 19th century.

John Deere ZeeroTurn Mowers

You will different types of mowers sold by John Deere, such as Lawn Tractors, Riding Mowers, Commercial Mowers, Golf Mowers, Sports Turf Mowers, and so on. You know that not every company produces Golf Mowers and that’s what makes John Deere special and stand out from the crowd because it is there for a long time, apparently, when you weren’t even born. This company offers you a large variety of mowers and their equipment so that you can get smooth running.

4. Troy-Bilt

(Our Rating: 5 Out of 5 Ratings)

Formed in 1937, Troy-Bilt has been making people’s lives easier and full of happiness. Over the years, the Troy-Bilt has been acquired by the MTD. When it was established, it released the first rototiller which was a remarkable innovation for that time. Their dream began with a tiller and was just because of the perspiration and inspiration, and today, Try-Bilt is making also every gardening tools – mowers, tillers, cultivators, snow throwers, trimmers, edgers, log splitters, and other amazing and useful tools.

Troy-Bilt Zero Turn Mowers

If you are looking for a highly-reviewed brand that makes the most durable, powerful, maneuverable, cost-effective lawn mower, this is the company you should be interested in. When it manufactures lawn mowers (during a test), they shake, drop and smash every mower so that they can be completely sure that the mower doesn’t let anybody down in the lawn (be it a small yard or big yard).

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5. Ryobi

(Our Rating: 5 Out of 5 Ratings)

The 5th position has been taken by a brand named “Ryobi” that has put a smile on homeowners’ faces through its strong, convenient, commercial lawn mowers. To buy a perfect lawn mower for your lawn needs, you don’t have to break the bank because the Ryobi lawn mowers are reasonably priced. No matter what type of type you have, mowing your land will be a child’s play when it comes to using a Ryobi-powered lawn mower.

Ryobi Lawn Mowers

You can choose ‘Drive system’ to customize your purchase – whether you need a 4×4 Self Propelled lawn mower, automatic, hydrostatic, push mower, shift-on-the-go mower, rear-wheel mower, or front-wheel mower, Ryobi has got everything you need. The lawn mowers come powered with a powerful Briggs & Stratton® engine that will do the mowing in next to no time. They have gas-powered, electric, and other types of mowers for the perfect landscaping of your yard.

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Top Lawn Mower Companies

Just like we promised, all of the mowers we have reviewed above are highly rated which means you can buy from any of these best lawn mower brands. However, there are things that you should keep in mind while making a pick like the cutting width, deck size, engine, maneuverability, speed, drive type, and so on. If you need to talk to our experts, you can reach out to us and we will be extremely happy to see you through.

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