Bad Boy Mower Reviews 2023 – Top 5 Lawn Mowers for Sale

Purchasing a zero-turn mower could be an overwhelming task because you may not have any idea about lawn mowers if you haven’t bought one before in your life. A simple little mistake could ruin the money that you have collected by working hard in your entire life.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to be familiar with the ins and outs of the best lawn mowers manufactured by Bad Boy. Undoubtedly, the Bad Boy has been the one to win the hearts of its highly satisfied customers, but how is that? Well, that’s what you will learn in this guide which is about “Bad Boy Mower Reviews” and see our top-rated and expert-recommended 5 picks to take a better decision to bring a brand-new mower home.

Bad Boy Mower Reviews

I know that there are other products in the market that will promise you a variety of features. The only way to find out if the mower will keep you satisfied with all of the promised capabilities is to use one and then perceive if it is actually worth a shot. For that reason, we will go over the importance (advantages) so that you can decide with ease that the money spend will go in vain.

Why to Choose Bad Boy Lawn Mower?

Why should you buy a lawn mower from Bad Boy? That’s an intelligent question. The Bad Body has been making excellent and powerful products for the productivity of people and it has put the smiles of everyone’s face ever since. They manufactured the first lawn mower in 2002, and also was awarded the ‘Product of the year’ in 2005. Ever since, it has been bringing new innovations to life and keeping the customers satisfied with all their great work. We also Give Best Sun Joe Lawn Mowers

The story behind Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower:

When they started, they instantly become one step ahead, becoming the biggest zero-turn mower manufacturer in America. While running tests on the mowers, a test driver (after having a ride on the mower) said, “That’s a real bad boy!” Ever since, that attitude (proud moment) became our mission (and marketing slogan) and we decided that we won’t ever let any person down who is in need of a lawn mower. If you have small Yard Then Take a Quick Look Here

Is it a real ‘Bad Boy’?

The slogan is a different story. What matters most is that is it a real bad boy or just trying to put on a good show?

Having used the most of the mowers from ‘Bad Boy’, we got our head around the fact that they really represent the ‘Bad-boy’ thing because their mowers are super solid, durable, built to last longer, fast, maneuverable, and none like others.

I mean that you might seem the Bad Boy mowers a bit expensive as compared to other mowers in the market today, however, you will be surprised by the durability of the mowers made by Bad Boy. We’ll be reviewing the top 5 zero-turn Bad Boy mowers in this “Bad Boy Mower Reviews” guide.

Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower Reviews 2023 (Complete Overview)

Since the reviews as meant for the current year i.e. 2023, all of the zero-turn (z-turn) mowers that you see here are going to be the ‘best fits’ based on the current technology. You will be astonished by the robustness of the mowers built by Bad Boy.

In this day and age, the 0-turn mowers are considered as ‘Best’ mowers because they are going to give you more torque and cover large lawns in no time. The z-turn mowers can rotate at their own axis i.e. at radius of zero. That’s one of the reasons why they are a bit expensive.

1. Bad Boy Maverick Review 60 in. Zero-turn Mower (BMV60ZT740)

(4.6 Ratings Out of 5, based on 110 reviews)

Coming on the top is the 60-inch Z-turn mower with the model number “BMV60ZT740”. It comes in orange color and made in the USA. The cutting height of this mower is 1.5 in.-4.5 in and the cutting width is 60 inch. The engine of this mower is very powerful because it is equipped with a 747cc 25 HP Kohler engine that will make sure that you get uninterrupted mowing experience. To get a detailed overview of this mower, please use the link above and don’t forget to read the Bad Boy Maverick Review by yourself.

Bad Boy Maverick Review

The deck is made of steel and the engine runs on gas which makes it a gas-powered mower. It is a perfect lawn mower for residential use and its speed is something that will completely your mind. The fuel capacity of this mower is 6.5 gallon and the product weight is 925. It comes with a 2-year warranty. The maximum going-forward speed of this mower is 9, and reverse speed is 4 which is pretty awesome as compared to other mowers manufactured by other companies.

Apart from this “Bad Boy Maverick 60 Review”, you can read out other reviews for the following mowers and decided if they are worth your attention.

2. Bad Boy ZT Elite 60 Review Zero-turn Mower (BZ60KT745P)

(4.5 ratings out of 5, based on 178 reviews)

Another bad boy is Bad Boy ZT Elite, gentlemen! It is powered with a 747cc Kohler Pro 7000 engine and comes with the 60-inch cutting width size. If you are looking for a stronger, smoother and ergonomic experience, then this bad boy i.e. ZT Elite 60 in Zero-turn Mower is the best fit for your lawn’s needs. With a 6.5 fuel capacity tank, you don’t have to fuel it up again and again. Just fill once and enjoy the uninterrupted ride forever.

Bad Boy ZT Elite 60 Review

It features a 25 HP 747cc engine 2×2-inch steel rail frame that makes it a stronger mower to last even longer. It is equipped with the triple fusion blades that will cut the grass smoothly and give you a manicured cut, adding an extra layer to the beautifulness of your lawn and even your neighbors will start to be jealous of you.

3. Bad Boy ZT Elite 48 in. Zero-turn Mower Review (BZT48KT740)

(4.6 ratings out of 5, based on 54 reviews)

Presenting Bad Boy ZT Elite Z-Turn mower which a 48-inch cutting width. It is going to be your long-term companion as far as your smooth and effective lawn-mowing is considered. You will find this mower a little bit cheaper as compared to the two given above. Its features are almost as same as we just compared above. So, it is a good choice because it doesn’t cost you much on the basis of comparison with other mowers.

Bad Boy ZT Elite 48 in. Zero-turn Mower Review

There is also a foot-assisted deck lift with a height adjustment so that you don’t have to stress your feet by working long hours sitting on the cushy seat of this mower. I’d say that it is a ‘steal’ and you should for it as soon as you can. You will get a higher transmission with the powerful engine that this mower is equipped with. You can use synthetic oil in and if you are willing to change the blades, or remove the deck, you should first read the user manual to avoid any difficulty.

4. Bad Boy MZ Magnum 54 in. Zero-turn Mower Reviews

(4.6 ratings out of 5, based on 500 Reviews)

This is another variant from the Bad Boy that you get to bring home – the true happiness for the perfect reshaping of your beautiful lawn or garden. Whether you have a small yard or medium yard, this is going to cover all of your needs in the first place. The cutting width that this mower supports is 54 inches. The engine it is equipped with is a powerful 725cc Kohler Pro 7000 HD series engine which will provide you with more efficiency which in turn will give you a better outcome.

Bad Boy MZ Magnum 54 in. Zero-turn Mower Reviews

The tank capacity is 5 gallon – so, there is no need to fuel it up again and again. You can expect a smooth and uninterrupted ride without any nuisance. The rear tire size is 18 in.x9-1/2 inches and front tire size is 13 in.x6-1/2 inches. It can easily rotate at its own axis without any trouble because it is a Zero-turn (Z-turn or 0-turn) mower. The reviews of this mower speak a lot about the effectiveness, durability, speed, maneuverability, and warranty as well.

5. Bad Boy MZ 42 in. Zero-Turn Mower Reviews

(4.6 Out of 5, based on 97 reviews)

Are you curious to read Bad Boy MZ 42” reviews so as to be completely familiar with the nuts and bolts of this zero-turn mower? If that’s what you are after, you should keep an eye on the link we provided above because that will take you to the product page where the specifications and features of the product will be shown. The cutting width is 42 inches and comes with a 540cc Kohler single-cylinder engine that will boost the performance. It is an electric mower which means, you won’t be required to fuel gas into it to make it run like a bad boy.

Bad Boy MZ 42 in. Zero-Turn Mower Reviews

Like other mowers reviewed, the financing is also available. For all of the mowers that we have reviewed above, you can either select the option for the “Pickup in store” or “Standard delivery”. On top of that, you can protect your purchase by adding 1-year or 2-year service plan and this option is available for all products that we have you with the reviews of.

Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower Reviews 2023

There you are – the best Bad Boy Mower Reviews to make a perfect decision for the mowing of your lawn – no matter a small yard or big yard. You don’t have to worry about the type of the mower because all of the mowers listed above are zero-turn mowers. What you need to look at is the engine type, cutting width size, powering (gas-powered or electric), ease of access, and not to mention the pricing.

Bottom line:

Based on our extensive study on the bad boy mower reviews, we could only find these top 5 picks for the best performance, durability, speed and a lot more. But before you finally decide to buy a mower, our recommendation is that you go through each of the product specifications so that you can completely be satisfied with the mower.

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